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Dark Winter by Prof. Raina MacIntyre

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Magnificent and terrifying, this paradigm-smashing book is essential reading. It's also an excellent course in clear thinking. I am recommending it to everyone I meet and know. And it’s an easy read. Here's the Amazon link. It's all about pandemics and the war of ideas. It resonated very strongly with me since I was exposed to some extraordinary pushback in the 80s when I made medical videos. One involved a deep reluctance from some parties to publicize the role of HPV in cervical cancer (now there's a vaccine against HPV...). Those experiences, along with being at Birmingham University just before the smallpox outbreak, feed my skepticism.

As Einstein said, Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. And Planck is famously paraphrased as saying, Science progresses one funeral at a time. And the latter quote is morbidly true in both senses at the moment. Give Dark Winter a read. The arguments are tight and deeply unsettling. Five stars. Get on the right side of history (and science). Here's an excellent piece by the ABC before the book's release.

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