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New .MODA sites highlight designs

A new collection of .moda (dot moda) sites showcase my designs on fashion items, framed prints, decor, and more:

EST MODA (est.moda) general fashion designs

ITEMS EST MODA (items.est.moda) fashion items

ID EST MODA (id.est.moda) primordial designs

56 MODA (56.moda) decor and architectural uses

AREA 56 MODA (area.56.moda) UFO designs

Moda means fashion and is a relatively new top-level domain. But for those of a more traditional bent, the dot coms work as well:

estmoda.com / items.estmoda.com / id.estmoda.com

56moda.com / area.56moda.com

...and they all resolve to sub-domains of my ancient kightleys.com domain. I hope you browse through and see something that takes your fancy.

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