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PIGS MIGHT FLY: UFOs and Believing the Impossible

The Pentagon released a report on 25th June 2021 that went largely unnoticed. Of 144 UFO (now called UAP, or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena) reports (mainly in the last couple of years, and chiefly by military aviators) only one could be explained away. You should read that report. It doesn't say much, but the implications are startling. I'm certainly no expert, but if aviators whose lives depend on recognizing aerial threats can't explain them away, and nor can the teams who investigate them, then something is happening. It seems that UFOs must either be a technology, a natural phenomenon, or a life form. Maybe, they're some kind of spoofing psych-ops, a kind of psychological warfare and they're not real craft performing these acrobatic feats. Maybe they're weaponized hallucinations (but they affect sensors, too). Or they're an unknown technology. Or they evolved. Lifeforms seem farfetched, but extremophiles live in boiling ocean vents and some fish are electric and some living things are luminous. And we don't understand consciousness.

If UFOs are real technology, then we have to explain their extraordinary capabilities. Flying saucers and their ilk have been haunting us since the 1940s and other UFOs for centuries or more. Who could have developed these systems? Have the major players been hiding these technologies for decades and lying to us? That sounds like a conspiracy theory. The major alternative is aliens. Well, Sherlock, nothing sits comfortably. When you've eliminated all which is impossible...

As the last link explains, the problem is all of the alternatives. Still, you can keep an open mind, and we jaded folk can regain our sense of wonder. At the very least, we can exercise our minds by entertaining weird perspectives. Remember Lewis Carroll's White Queen believing six impossible things before breakfast?

So, in that spirit, I hope you like my three little pigs, one of which is abducted by a flying saucer. Are we like the aliens experimenting (and eating) so-called lower lifeforms? What if aliens treated us like we treat animals (I should say other animals).

One thing I noticed while doing my UFO graphics was how abductions remind me of descriptions of near-death experiences and religious awe, with their bright columns of light and ascent into the sky. Does this mean they're explicable as supernatural or psychological phenomena or have these experiences become embedded in our collective mind because of historical visitations?

Give that report a careful read. Then look up at the sky and wonder. Buy my UFO merchandise. And go vegan. You never know who's watching...

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