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Time Aerials


TIME AERIALS COVER front and back 2000.j

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0-9943704-7-1

307 pages with six black and white illustrations. Ask your library to order a copy today!


Underlying Structure


A dying man's life flashes past as science fiction stories created by his panicked brain. Trying to make sense of its imminent demise, the brain tells tales of monster flies, and time machines, and weird factories, and a library of unreachable books. As it fights to stay in the past, forever circling its final moments, the dementing organ casts itself as The Great Mind, a god-like entity at the end of time. This Sum of the Dead resets a repeatedly breaking universe, trying to put things right. The Time Aerials are its own tree-like brain cells whose fractal branches leak into time and create consciousness itself. But the brain, like all artists, leaves clues and conceits and signatures hidden in plain sight...

But this is metafiction, and the brain is an unreliable narrator. Perhaps the book is an instruction manual. Once you've read Time Aerials, getYesterday Makers and Pierce, Qualia, & The Time Ship to find out.



Time Aerials

Bonsai time machines that grab your mind. Only the blue oil calms them.

TIME AERIALS Time Aerial in Flowerpot CO
TIME AERIALS Squamafly BLUE 3000.png


Squamaflies are mutant butterflies whose fractal wing scales leak into time. This gives them a huge survival advantage which they exploit with devastating results.

Satanic Mills

Factories grind out time-leaking threads in the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONS section of Time Aerials. It's surprising what you can make with fabric like that.

TIME AERIALS Industrial Revolutions colo
TIME AERIALS The Mind Library colourised

The Mind Library

My secret house has many books.

Target Audience

Philosophical dogs, obviously, but really anyone preoccupied with the nature of consciousness and death. And that's most people over fifty. By the way, our furry reader is Ollie the shih tzu, who features, sometimes with superpowers, in several other books.


A time machine stands like a Christmas tree in a small terraced house. Death pulses, driven by evolution, create a super mind. An exploding universe resets. Future assassins hunt a time-machine detective. Time-leaking horror flies wreak havoc in a species-ending apocalypse. The Mind Library opens its doors. A time virus barrels into the past and loops. Books mutate and words run like ants. The Numerology Machine stresses reality as it ties names to destinies. And finally, zombies stumble outside your window. And you know that zombies can't be real...

Philosophical science fiction that rips your world apart.



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